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Matt Robinson

"…from not having a clue to leading teams & having a successful business"

"…from not having a clue to leading teams & having a successful business"

Since joining Pro-Fit Personal Training I have gone from someone who didn't really have any idea about how to be a great PT and run my own business, to someone who now leads teams of PTs, has a rock solid client base, and has a successful fitness business that grows year on year, both in terms of impact and revenue. "Without the support, mentoring and structure I would have left"

Without the support, education and mentoring structure that Pro-Fit offers I wouldn't be in the industry today, in fact, I would have probably left after about 3 months like many other newly qualified PTs do. "Have fun and security in your job"

Having a team of likeminded people around you makes an already rewarding job even more fun and with the way Pro-Fit help you structure your business you always feel in control and like you have security in your job.

Olivia Carter

"As a single mum I was scared about changing career"

I often wonder what my life would be like if I hadn’t made the decision to leave my job at the Bank. I had just turned 30 and I was sat at my desk clock watching thinking, I can’t do this for the next 30 years. Something had to change…. As a single Mum I was scared about changing career from a ‘secure’ employed position and becoming a self-employed Personal Trainer. What If I couldn’t make enough money to support my son? But the thought of staying in a job I didn’t love scared me more. "My confidence grew…within the first 6 months I’d doubled my income"

I started Pro-Fit and successfully built my client base up. Graham, Ste and the team were so supportive and offered me help and guidance along the way. Helping me set up a good business and my confidence grew. Within the first 6 months I had doubled my income and my son and I could move into a house, something which I had only have dreamed about before. "I’ve found my niche, I love my job and love my team"

Over the last 3 years I have progressed through Pro-Fit assessment modules to become an experienced level 6 trainer. I have also become a Nutrition Coach and I have found my niche, specializing in Gut health. I now hold presentations as a public speaker, so I can help even more people. I have found my passion and I can honestly say I LOVE my job, I LOVE my team and this could never have been possible without all the help and support this amazing company have given. They truly care about everyone in the team and help you reach your full potential.

Richard Hopkins

As a new trainer coming into Pro-Fit, I was very overawed by the amount that other trainers knew and had already achieved.

I quickly began to realise that by working hard and being helped by my mentor, Campo, that I could achieve things that I hadn't been used to in my upbringing and so far in my adult life. "I’m now doing all the things I wanted to do’"

I'd always enjoyed my previous jobs, mostly working or managing bars, but what I'm currently doing was something different. It was an opportunity for not just myself to do all the things I have always wanted, but to help other people achieve their goals along the way. As I sit here writing this. . "Most financially secure I’ve ever been"

I'm currently in the most financially secure position I have ever been. This was a must because of the impending family, a huge goal that I've always wanted. Being able to provide for my family is my major goal in life, and not just in financial terms. I'm currently in a position to be able to contribute to my child's upbringing and spend plenty of time with them.

The Pro-Fit Journey An Interview with Senior Trainer, Paul Campey

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We receive over 150 CV's per month from people who want to join the team at Pro-Fit. We are really excited to meet you as we really believe you will love it here and that you could be a perfect fit.

On the day there will be a 35 minute presentation by one of us about Pro-Fit and the opportunities available. This is your chance to find out why Pro-Fit are SO different.

During this vital presentation you will discover...

  • Why we are one big family (with no back biting or competition).
  • Why Pro-Fit trainers get fully booked diaries faster than any other PT company
  • Why Pro-Fit trainers earn 3-4 times industry average (and proof that this is not BS)
  • The HUGE amount of education, support and personal one to one mentoring Pro-Fit PT's receive
  • If you are passionate about helping people and love to learn then Pro-Fit could really be the place for you.

    After the presentation will then sit down with you one on one to discuss whether we are a good potential fit for you and vice versa. This is also your chance to ask us anything about the Pro-Fit team.

    Please wear normal, smart interview attire and arrive 10 minutes before the interview. If you come into reception you will be pointed in the right direction.

    When you attend your interview you will also receive £100 worth of PT Success Resources and videos as a free gift.

    If you are not able to make this date please let us know and we will do our best to see you another time.

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